The Collaborates competition team is a versatile and dedicated group of dancers who represent the studio at various competitions, showcasing their talent and passion for dance in multiple styles.

Competitions & Conventions

Each year, our Collaborates team participates in a series of dance competitions and conventions during the spring season. These events provide our dancers with the chance to showcase their skills in group, partner, and solo dances. Not only do our dancers have the opportunity to compete, but some competitions also offer classes for them to further enhance their technique and expand their dance repertoire. These competitions are typically held out of state, allowing our dancers to experience new environments and meet dancers from different studios. Travel and accommodations are arranged to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for our dancers and their families.


Collaborates classes are designed for dancers who have a passion for dance and are committed to dedicating extra time and effort to their training. These classes are designed to focus on developing technique, strength, and performance abilities through challenging choreography and intensive rehearsals. In addition to the regular recreational classes, Collaborates dancers also have a dedicated rehearsal class to learn choreography and refine their moves for competitions. They can even take Collaborates Tap classes to further enhance their dance abilities.

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