Whitney is 31 years old and has been dancing for the past 25 years.  Whitney is from Byram, MS but currently lives in Pearl,MS. She started taking dance at Amy’s Byram School of Dance and continued to dance during the transition into what is now, Dance Unlimited.  She competed with Dance Unlimited’s competition team and traveled around the south competing and taking classes at some of the best dance conventions. During her time at Dance Unlimited, she won numerous awards and scholarships through various conventions.  She won multiple scholarships through Company Dance and was a finalist in Company Dances’ Performer of the Year’ where she got to dance and train with premier instructors such as Nancy Omera, Barry Youngblood, and Chris Judd.  This opportunity also allowed her to perform at Disney World’s MGM Studios.  She was Hollywood Vibes Scholarship recipient and was award the opportunity to compete in their Nationals that year.  She was a Fire and Ice individual dancer ‘Judges Choice’ at her very last competition. Whitney was also awarded the West Coast Dance Conventions “Elite Dancer.”  She has also taken classes at some of the most premier dance studios in the country including Ballet Magnificat, Millennium Dance, and Evolution Dance Studio. Whitney has also been involved with many middle and high school dance teams choreographing home routines and try out dances.

Whitney graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in elementary education.  While she was there she took many dance classes offered through the dance program and was also a member of the Southern Misses Dance Team. She is also a the librarian at Steen’s Creek Elementary in Florence. Her goal as a teacher and a dance teacher is for her students to find grace and humbleness in the gifts that they have been blessed with and aspire daily to live up to their full potential of their God-given talents. For Whitney, that talent was dance and that is something that is and always will be a part of her life.